Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battles App Reviews

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Don’t waste your money.

I honestly thought this game is fun but it’s not.

Pleeeease make part 2 or new one with new characters!!!!!

Easily my favorite iPad game of all time....developers PLEASE make a part 2...or better yet a new version with new characters (marvel characters would be amazing)

I love it

It's a awesome game


This is one of my favorite games and all i need is bizzaro superman plz add a new villian like deathstroke or something. I also accidently erased the game and i lost all the data. U should make the game so when u erase it u can get stuff back

Updates Soon?

This game I sooo good and I wish that there could be an update soon. I already beat and restarted the game 3 times, and in that time I realized how easy it is. Try to add another part to the map and more figs😭!!!

Two Words: Up and Date.

Please Update !!


Too hard

This game is too awsome

Please add an update with new features!! Please do not let this game die please i beg you!

Add raven in the future

Add raven in the future

Awesome Game!

Please consider adding more story to the game. Also, any chance you can add multiplayer pvp? Or doubles in story? That would for sure be fun!

Totally worth buying

I love this new game. It shouldn't change a bit. It has no problems at all. You can battle with all your favorite titans. But could u add new characters like Wonder Woman ,flash, green lantern,and others because SPOILER ALERT they have aquaman. Buy this game


This is terrific it is the most fun game ever


New updates mean new figures!

Please make this update

I love this game it is absolutely amazing make an update like with new characters like Halloween spirit leprechaun slade mocking jays whistle teapot armor haunted tank sandwich hot pepper TV mutant clown army cyborg rage raven war star fire human shield beast boy egg pun bird carrot dinosaurs scary terry boss mummy illuminati ninja titans ninja turtles teen titan animal buddies pain bot juke box burdarang Dave super robin bizzaro titans carnies and death also you should make an odimatic button that will make your figs fight by their own and then stop when a fig is defeated and then press the button again to make it odamatic Also you should make a multiplayer setting so who ever is next to you playing the game they can both connect to each other and then battle.And a setting that will let you trade with a person next to you.Please make this update🐉🐲😂

Fix a few things

Add the power puff girls........do it and not the 5th powerpuff girl bliss the real team aka blossom, bubble's,Buttercup and Bunny

Everyone loves it

I maybe an adult i still like kid games no matter what


This game is okay

Great game needs update

I love teen titans but it needs an update because the game was really great all it needs is an update and you'll be better


K so we need a update I deleted this app because they're were no updates and I used to rock and I mean ROCK at this game I had a full team of bizaro supermen and all of them were full level so was my mr chibi I also had a full team of the hooded hood full level sooo I deleted it because there was nothing else I to do so pls add more to play and some character ideas brain,all of the rest of the evil titans, the legasus titans, bizaro batman, all of the peaceful titans, cyborg in one of his other suits, one of the sandwich guardians, the puppet wizard, robin whistle master, Cupid, leprechaun, scary mary, muscle robin, teen star fire, dog cyborg, and doomsday pls add those characters I know they're kinda demanding but pls try your best to add them thxxx

Hard controls

It is real hard to get over the bridges

Best game ever!!! JUST NEEDS NEW UPDATES!

I think that this is one of the best games on the App Store right now, however I wish there were more updates to enhance this awesome game!!! Right now there are a lot of figures to collect and a lot of great content, but I wish that there was more, because I ended up finishing the game in less than a week. Despite the lack of updates, this is truly a great game and I can't wait to see what's in the future for this masterpiece!!!

Great game!

I beat the game and it was very fun but I got bored after a while so I tried to do the league of justice stuff but I was still bored I think you should add an option where you can battle real players around the world!it would make the game even cooler than it is now please use my suggestion!


Please update this so we can do multiplayer

I love it but

I wish they made more than 6 ternaments I finished the game in 1 day and I want more figs Atleast make all of the justice leage

More updates plz

I luv this game but could use a full updates :))


Can you make a update please, you have never in forever.

Make new characters PLEASE

Like I think they should make the night begins to shine characters cause they are cool also maybe you can make the titans a gold version of them also you should Poison Ivy Cat woman Whisper and a new Rose Wilson she is soo cool but know what would be cooler the titans tower and a armed Terra and ruler Blackfire and new people to fight and hopefully you say yes to me and other people this game is SO FUN I never want it to end


This game is a great one but if there is not an update that has more teeny titans like night begins to shine titans fallout boys celo the dragon BER in night begins to shine form, batman, namtab, (bizzaro batman), nibor, robo-suit terra, the original teen titans OR SOMETHING OF THE SORT but if not my liking of this game will go down to ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love the app😘😎💝



You should be able to be beast boy cyborg raven or star fire not just robin Plus they need multiplayer where you can sell figures to other players or battle other players


You should add the night begins to shine

Best Game Yet.

I've just recently downloaded this game and have already almost conquered it. Teeny Titans is the most addictive game of all time. It combines the fun of Roleplay games, the Pokémon vibe, and the constant collecting to get all the figures. All that is wrong with it is there are so many more characters that could be added and I would love to see in the game.

Love this game but could use a few updates

I love the game but I think it would be cool to have a multiplayer mode where you can battle other people. Also I think I could have a few more characters and missions, like maybe add more of the bizzaro titans, and maybe some more justice league members (Green lantern, Atom, etc.) If the makers could make this possible that would be awesome!

Its great but one small problem

Im loving the game its soo much fun to play but it keeps kicking me out of the app when I win , other than that the game is hard enough for just about anyone

AWESOME GAME but pls read this

Hi yall I'm 11 and can u add a figure maker where we can make a custom figure and choose the types and attacks and stuff!

العبة حلوة


Great game! Until...

SUCH A GREAT GAME! I saved my allowance for this a few days and boy was it worth it! The only problem is the music has stopped for battles streets even the menu! It still makes sounds but where the music?! Please fix this and don't forget if u wanna collect them all u gotta make them all!

One of the greatest things ever!

I don't know how anyone can possibly give this rating under 5 stars. It truly is one of the greatest things ever! I wish they would add some more figs and that there were other things like this.

NEW UPDATE DO IT(feedback and ideas)

I have level twenty fight mongers such as my fav. Bawana beast but I love going and collecting the new figs I can see them waiting for more iconic characters in the series but ITS BEEN LONG ENOUGH its last update brought lots of new characters but the should expand on the young justice and they should add Martian man hunter cause he's the man and there's an episode in the first justice league series were there was an alternate universe and alternate versions of the justice league (spoiler)they were dreamed up by a kid who was given super powers by radiation from the war and there is no body else on the earth the real justice guild of America were killed in the war. It was an episode that just totally tweeked my interest it made me start writing my own what if stories it would be amazing to add the justice league from that episode they even already have action figures that I have collected because it is my absolute favorite episode it would be awesome to see the justice guild of America so please UPDATE THIS GAME! Now you know you want to😐but seriously now 😡

Don't start over tournaments

The tournaments are great but every time you exit one you have to start over again and again please fix this!

Plz Read 4 A Better Review

The game is amazing. But if I may ask, can you make Illumio from the illuminati episode and the league of legs. Along with hand zombie. That would be amazing. Thanks. #TeenyTitans4Life

Amazing game needs update

This game is so fun and addictive but we want new characters in the game you can add Mumbo Jumbo Control freak brainiac Bane cat women two face penguin riddler more multiverse characters SLADE!!! Lobo the list goes on and on and on you can also add new side missions and new TOURNAMENTS!!!! and new worlds with there own stores and everything keep it up and hopefully you can add this update

Forever 215

Just amazing my Child likes it

Pls pls read

Put nibor boy beast and the rest. I can't spell the other ones.


I love the Teeny titans game but you plz put an update more figs like mutated clown and those two love feeding monsters whisper chost Pinore teen titans, and the list from the other people in the comments plz

Hot spot

Plz add hop spot I would ❤️ it if you did😀


This game is very fun. It's a rpg style and kinda like Pokémon where u collect figures and battle! I do recommend this

Amazing game!

Perfect blend of story, side missions, and collecting. All I ask of is an update with more to do and more figs to collect! Awesome game!!

More figs pls

Love the game and that all the figs are based on the teen titans go show but it needs more figs such as the ones the person under me said


I love teeny titans bot can you bring a new update

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