Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battles App Reviews

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So I go up against terra in a tournament but you know what she drains my bar each time she attacks thanks alot for making me pull my hair because of this game

The game never saved for me

I haven’t played this in a while but when I tried to reset my data it never saved and went to before I deleted it to me this was very troublesome.

Absolute crap

App exits without any warning within a few seconds! Where's my refund?

Needs updating...

They have fixed iCloud saves.... But there is still no iPhone X resolution support.

I have a suggestion about Teeny Titans

I love the game teeny titans. It is so much fun! But I think it would be even better if players could trade figures with other players. There could be a trade button and the player could press it and chose which player to trade with. Then the player could chose which figure to trade with. Then the 2 players could swap figures. That is my suggestion. Please listen to it!

Too addictive. 10/10

Okay so you’re telling me we have a teen titans game that’s actually good? Finally! It’s good now. Although just one thing I have to say though. This game is WAY too easy. I love it though it’s one of the best games. And a must have as well. I don’t have any feedback though. These were my thoughts 😊

New Figure!

Hello Best App Creators of The World! I would like if you could make a new figure that you can get! How about Make Diamond Membership? Please Make Something New! Ps.~The Best Player


This game is THE BEST I love teen titans go so this game is perfect 5 stars totally recommend getting

Please update

Love the game but want more characters added. Would love to set Captain Kankles, opposite Titans and madam rouge and control freak.

Need an answer please

My game won’t let me go to another toy store because it says he needs all his gigs and this isn’t the right way to go to the toy store. And then it won’t even let me play the dog tournament. So if anyone knows what to do please help

Great game !

Honestly, I love this game! I have not completed it yet but so far it is good !

Give me my money back

I got a glitch where I couldn’t do the first tournament and when I redownloaded it it saved my progress and I still had the glitch


Sometimes it looks like the quality of this game is worse than the second game. I don’t think so. I might just be bored of 80s. But something...

I lost my account please help

I beat the game and then deleted it and then got it again for the 2nd one but I opened it and had to restart


This is a cool game till you get a level 20 because it becomes easy for you you could beat the entire first 5 tournaments but great game.

Bug fix

Can you please fix it so I can beat the game and not crash when I’m doing the final torment


I just love this app because you can figure out how much you like this app

It should be cheaper

It is a great game but it should be cheaper

Love it but....

So I absolutely LOVE this game I play it 24/7 not many bugs but, I went to Martian Manhunter I completed the tournament and then he said I was 33 percent worthy so he said go extend your collection to 100 so I did and I thought that you could get doubles so I got one hundred figures but some doubles but he still says I do not have 100 hundred figures please fix this bug and if this is not please tell me what I am doing wrong. I really want to rate this a 5 star.

Awesome but...

Why does it always have to be robin? I mean can’t we see what the others are up to? It doesn’t need to be epic but still robin is too full of himself to want to even touch star fire how often does THAT happen please add more titans


Delete all other apps this is amazing 10000000 stars! Barbie worthy it is super good do download please

Can’t recommend enough

Love this game. Reminds me of Pokémon

Please read

I loved this game I played it until I got everyone but the problem is that why make a completely new game when you can just update it and add it as a free dlc or something

Ok what

What's the point of this game jk never played it prob good though lol


I play this game so much I love it that’s why I give it a 5 star

This is brilliant but just one problem

This game is amazing, but there is one problem. Unlike the other game, this one crashes like crazy. Say I want to go battle someone. POP! Crashed. I would LOVE if this problem was fixed. Thank you for reading this.

This is the best app on my phone

I love all the characters and the relation to Pokémon but with teen titans😁 I think that the creativity in this game is awesome and fun😀 i am totally addicted to this game😍

Action video

Can I please get Teeny titans two.

Love it!

One of the best games I have ever had! I want Teen Titans Go Figure! so bad!

Add more plz

Add more so my child can have fun playing the game

Good but needs updating

I really want local play that would be cool to play with friends and trade can you please update this game 😃


This is a great app and I love it sooooooooooooo much


This game is so addicting and I loved it but when I finished it it got boring so I deleted it. Now that the sequel is here I’m replaying it. I can’t wait.

Soo I was wondering

Ok so I have a little question! Does anybody also think that raven loves robin? Caz I see it as clean as daylight! I’m sorry but I don’t think starfire is a good fit for him. I mean come on?!

Good but needs update

I enjoyed the game gameplay was fun but I beat the game and now there’s nothing to do

Tiny titans

I’m timmy and I’m tinny 😉

No IpX resolution support

Just FYI for anyone on the fence about purchasing this game. 5 Stars when it uses my full IpX screen devs :)

No more updates, but exciting news

Okay, just so you know, there will be no more updates on this game, why? Because the exciting news is that a sequel for teeny Titans released today, so if you want more updates, then start playing this game. It is $3.99 just like this game, and you get to play as all of the Titans. So play this game now.

No Hooded Hood added

When I uninstalled and reinstalled really fast, I didn’t get the Hooded Hood.

Dumb flash sale

It’s dum i can’t stand this game!

No in app purchases, lots of fun!

Unfortunately the sequel will have in app purchases so buy this one and skip the sequel.

Please add the genderswap titans

I love this game and I keep of thinking where is the genderswap titans I am wondering if Cartoon Network will add genderswap titans

More updates

I love the game, but it needs more figures in the game. It also needs more tournaments and more places to explore than the ones already in the game.

More figs

One thing you need to do is make more figs plz

Where do I start,

This game is fun! You collect little figures of teen titans, battle other figures, and explore new places! I just wish there would be more updates. We need more figures!!! Overall i recommend this game, I even let my 7 year old brother play it! He loves it!

Buff black lightning

If u don’t make black lightning better I’m not downloading teeny titans 2.

Fun game

I’ve been playing since this game came out all my cards are level 20 I beat the mega teeny tournament and I I’ve unlocked 74 out of 77 figures. One thing is that the one mission buy ice cream and bring to guy in line is impossible. When I go to the ice cream stand no one is there. Plz fix

Beat game completely but want more

Alright so basically beat the game, i won all the tournaments, got every character, modchiped all of them, and made them all get to level 20. Pretty fun when u don’t have internet. Now I know I’ve seen this in every review but u have to add more story and characters. I list a few but there is probs 30 characters u could get such as evil Titans, birdarang, leprechaun titans, more of the justice league ( and Aqua man isn’t enough) anyways I’m probably one of the best players in the world at this and I’m not even joking because only 1000 people play, halve of those people are trash and half of those people just got the app and never usd it. I’m not joking I’ve gotten merch for CN and donated on there website. U don’t want to lose me or anyone else. Update ur game

Teeny titans

I agree with him

5/5 one of my favorite

Good job if your bored just play this game it’s so amazing/amusing and I can’t wait for teeny titans 2 go figure aaaaaah keep up the good work singed a fan of this game/Cartoon Network

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