Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battles App Reviews

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No Updates? Hard To Figure.

It’s hard to figure; the current #1 PAID role playing game in the App Store and it’s not actively updated. They already have the framework for an app that people obviously enjoy. How much more revenue could they generate if they added content regularly? With history being a good indicator of the future, I’d guess that the developer moves on to another app, new framework and all, instead of additional content for an already established app. Logic dictates that this must make sense and that they know what they’re doing. Right?

Love this game but needs work

This is one of my favorite mobile games, and I play it all the time. I’m currently working on getting every guy and upgrading them all to level twenty. Anyways, I think that you should add more guys, more story, more places, more quests, etc. If you look at other reviews, there are so many ideas for new things you could add in. Also, I think it would be really cool if you added a multiplayer mode, where you could play with a teammate. To add to that, I’ve always wanted to play my friends (and wreck them) in this game. Some type of multiplayer thing would be cool is what I’m tryin to say. Anyways, thank you for making this game, and Cartoon Network is my favorite tv channel. Worth the $4.00.


I am addicted to this game!!! Not a joke! I am so happy that I saw this because I LOVE TEEN TITANS! They are the best thing ever!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I am also happy that they went with the still breaking the fourth wall vibe! Awesome!

Needs update

Game needs update

Update please

This is the best game ever and i love the show teen titans but please add more stuff to it. Updates please

Fix this plz

When I collet the dog suit it says I don’t so I can’t continue the game. Fix this


It’s amazing!!I love it so much, like I play 24/7 and I’m addicted! no lie. Please do another update


It’s a great game but if you added more figs and an online battle mode it would be even better

A new start

I like the game but the only thing I don’t like is that when you get all the figures. If this game is going to get more views and ratings there should be online multiplayer where you can play other players,friends,or random opponents. Please add this to the game cuz I want to keep playing this game. Thanks. 🙂

Gotta collect them all!

If you’re a fan of the TV series then you must get this game. The voice over work is impeccable! I initially do the game for my kids and started helping them collect mini figures and leveling them up. In the end I was the one staying up late playing the game for them and winning tournaments. The battles are fun and there are many figures to collect. Great game over all.

Teeny titans is so fun

Is like the best game in the world if you’re in collecting all the characters this is the game for you it is like the funnest game in the world it is so worth it so download it now!!!!!!

I <3 this game so much!

This game is so good I cant get enough of it it is very good but I’m hoping they will add a couple more characters.

I love

I love the game

UPDATE (but great game)

So...3 things are really needed in this game. 1-Needs more figs, Not really 20 figs off the bat but more like 1-2 figs every week or month will add more spice to the game (Batman,Superman,Lex luthor) 2- More new towns and maybe a new villain too 3- PvP multiplayer would be awesome for a game like this, I think the PvP would change the game a lot Other than that it’s a great game

It saves to the cloud!

I had put off playing this since I didn't want to risk losing progress in a game this lengthy. I didn't see any way to backup or save my game. I only recently noticed it was using iCloud storage. I downloaded the game and my old save loaded right up!

Progress saver=NO!!!

When you delete the app it saves your progress.And I went to Alfred’s toy store and I bought robin and it didn’t work!So can you please fix this right now?Oh and also you missed some charters,Control Freak,All of the bad guy versions of the Teen Titans, Oposite Titans,and Sharing academy robots.

Love the game🤩

This game is so fun it’s for kids and some times teens.fun game. I can’t wait for teeny titans 2 to come out!!!!!

Please add Batman!!!

I've had the game for a long time, but no Batman. If there's Joker and even a Harlequin, there has to be a Batman! I mean come on guys, there's a Batgirl. Why did you make a Alfred if there's no Batman? None of this makes any sense. Besides that, I give it five stars.


I promise this is the greatest game ever.Hours of nonstop fun.I've been addicted since it fully downloaded.I love it and wish it never ends 😁😍😩

New update baby

Who’s hype for the new update!!!😱😱😱😱 pls make it come really soon plsss🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


When you unlock all of the teeny titans you get the golden self of your character and can you make it so we can choose out own character

Вылетает постоянно на одном месте

Разработчики у меня вылетает на втором бою причём постоянно!! Почините пожалуйста Версия iOS 11 Телефон iPhone 5s


So addicting


I love the game and it deserves five stars but it is easy to finish and needs more new heroes

Why why!

When I was playing this game I pawned my best titan that costed me 100000000 and before I pawned it it told me it would give me 100000000 back but it gave me 2000 l mean what the flip! I AM DELETING THIS APP!!!



An appreciative fan

Please bring this game back when the teen titans movie comes out!!! I have had so much fun with it but there is only so much to do with it now. Defiantly add a pvp mode. That would make strategy in this game real. As it is all you have to do is observe the ai. It’s just such a good game I hate to see it die just when a movie about these characters is coming out.

Love but suggestions

I love this game I can’t stop playing it but I wish i could play online with my friends and siblings. Also wish they’re were more figs to collect like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, commissioner Gordon ,wonder twins, mass and Meadows and more that is how I feel

Really fun game!

Really worth every penny.. just hope it gets an update, now that a movie of teen titans is on the way.


the rage is real!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

Great game needs some more stuff tho.

Great game but add Halloween guy bat man Superman and make it easier to get bizzaro and please make green lantern beast boy robins hand puppet mega lady legisus cammander cyborg the Jeff starfire and smart silky. 5/5 stars.


This cannot work on my iPad and idk why just sayin’


U should do a update add a new character


This RPG is pretty good, I got into it even though I hate the show, it’s better than the show, but I lost interest in this quickly

Pls git more figures

I love this game but I really want more figures like Halloween spirit and new tournaments to battle pleas update the game and pleas let me now wen the game is updated ok

I know some charters to add

You should add Leuge leggesus and opisite gender tiatans


The game is great the graphics are amazing.They have great characters like blackmanta

I hate the show but game is good

I hate this show so much. It insults the original. But other than that. The game was pretty good. I liked unlocking super heroes to battle with. But this does have the the teen titans go effect with its humor.

Good game

I finished the game so I wish there were infinite levels and upgrades


this game is very cool u buy stuff a battle

almost perfect

only thing it needs is to let players select their avatar instead of being stuck as robin. beast boy rulez!


I love this game it is so awesome

Great but I have a question.

I’ve loved the game. Beat it. (Almost done with all the achievements.) but I had to delete it one time. And now that I’ve redownloaded it I can’t get all of my in game progress back! Am I missing something or am I forced to start over and lose everything.

Why not make max level more than 20?

Hi, Please update and make levels that can be higher than 20. Also can you restart? Um this is from a different device but same person that had level 20s. Please make the level 30 or something higher than 20 PLEASE -someone who doesn't show her name

Have to update

you like never updated update the figures to have more rare ones

Great fun - needs an expansion!

My son and i have had a blast playing this. My only issue a) since we’re playing on two devices, the advances on one device often get wiped out when the game opens on the other one. Is it possible to add a “save to icloud” manual button so saves can be pushed at any time? B). More levels - more city - more stuff, please! Would happily pay for an expansion

My Son and I Loved this game!

This was well worth the price! Has lots of repeat appeal, and I don’t even write reviews for games. The characters were fun to build up and max out, we collected all 77 as it was awesome for my 4 year old to unlock a new prize box. Great job CN and Grumpyface Studios, I’ll be downloading more of your apps.

Needs an update

Teeny Titans is a really fantastic game but it severely needs an update it’s been two years since an update and if grumpy face is focusing on save the light please come back to teeny titans. If you make an update please add these characters Fleshy Guy, Villain Titans, The Farmer, The Bears, Flex and Muscle, Ninja Titans, Lumino, Madame Rouge, Guy starfire, Guy raven, Lady Robin and Cyborg and beast boy, plasmus, prison starfire, Mother Nature, Twin Destroyers of Azarath, Legasus Titans, Honk the mutated clown, Whistling Robin, Cupid, Cyborg as a computer or in another suit, dance demon and dancing raven, Titans with Trigons spells such as Thing Beast Boy, Muscular Robin, Dog hand Cyborg, Puppet wizard and puppet titans, stage 4 anger titans, Peaceful Titans,The Brain, Dodgeball Titans, Perfect Sandwich, Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Vegator, Goal, Nibor, Control Freak, Butterbean and Sparkle-face, Scar Man beast boy,Pain Bot, Evil master of Pig Latin, HandZombie, Animal Titans, Titan Robot, Fairytale and History Titans, Justice League , Ed the getaway driver,Sonia Hernandez, Carlos, Dave, Halloween Costume Titans, Christmas Titans, Queen of England, British Titans, Wonder Twins, Vixen, Plasmus, The Jeff Starfire, Beast Babe, Second Santa, Mockingbirds, Mutant raven, Rat, Alligator, Robin with his parasitic twin, TV, Hot Pepper, Cool school teacher, Wally T, The Carnies, The Fish, Pirate ghosts, Oregon Trail titans, Fall out boy , Ceelo Green, Christopher the rain cloud, Parry, Burger robot and burrito monster,The Virus, Gridnock the skull crusher, Heavy Metal Demon, Sweet, Tmnt, Young justice, Serious Titans, Slime and Fruit Juice and Barbecue Sauce Monster, Cinderblock, Kyd Wykkyd, Cyborg and beast boys evil bellies, Starfires knowledge, Beast Boys brain, General Thraxis, Evil teddy bear, Boss Mummy, Western Titans,Evil Dragon, Robin with Universe Staff, Demon, Pain Bot, Super Robin, The Whisperer, Father Time, Leprechaun Robin, Leprechaun himself,Mas y Menos, BER and night begins to shine titans, Grandma Voice Cyborg, Michael Jackson, Bizarro Titans, Titans from dragon board game, Deadly Dandy, The Grave Mistake, Screaming Yeller, Wildman, Mega Legasus, Mumbo Jumbo, Stone, Saphire, Beast Bob, Ravine, Scary Teri Evil book characters such as Pinocchio, Invisible Man, Benjamin Franklin, Magic God, Zippy the Pizza Guy, Rappin Robin, Friendship Creatures, Roller Blading Robin, Team of robins Tim drake, damien etc, pain and regret,Alien Skull Collector, Millionaire and his wife, cat starfire, all the dc Villians from the titans show such as slade, poison ivy, Cat woman, penguin,Treadmill Spirit, Lebron James, Cruel giggling Ghoul, Freak, Bee billionaire beast boy, Robins parents and add celestial raven, Death, and finally Queen Starfire. These are just some suggestions for characters. More locations such as Tamaran, Gotham City, and the North Pole would be cool as well.Finally please add an online battle system so you can battle people across the world. This game is absolutely amazing and is by far one of the best mobile games I’ve played in a while but continue to give it life with updates at least every two months because two years have passed and we need an update.

The best game ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love the game mostly when I became the Teen Titans go champion the best game of all 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

Love it and I wish there was more!

I love the game the characters and the story line I just with there was more within the game! By far the best game ever but I finished it pretty quickly maybe like an online battle or something to keep it interesting longer

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