Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! Figure Battles App Reviews

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No in app purchases, lots of fun!

Unfortunately the sequel will have in app purchases so buy this one and skip the sequel.

Please add the genderswap titans

I love this game and I keep of thinking where is the genderswap titans I am wondering if Cartoon Network will add genderswap titans

More updates

I love the game, but it needs more figures in the game. It also needs more tournaments and more places to explore than the ones already in the game.

More figs

One thing you need to do is make more figs plz

Hold up!

Where’s the Brain? Where’s the Jeff? Where’s pain bot? Where are the turtles? Where’s Control Freak? Wait... WHERE’S BATMAN? Seriously? You can’t do that!

Where do I start,

This game is fun! You collect little figures of teen titans, battle other figures, and explore new places! I just wish there would be more updates. We need more figures!!! Overall i recommend this game, I even let my 7 year old brother play it! He loves it!

Buff black lightning

If u don’t make black lightning better I’m not downloading teeny titans 2.

Fun game

I’ve been playing since this game came out all my cards are level 20 I beat the mega teeny tournament and I I’ve unlocked 74 out of 77 figures. One thing is that the one mission buy ice cream and bring to guy in line is impossible. When I go to the ice cream stand no one is there. Plz fix

Beat game completely but want more

Alright so basically beat the game, i won all the tournaments, got every character, modchiped all of them, and made them all get to level 20. Pretty fun when u don’t have internet. Now I know I’ve seen this in every review but u have to add more story and characters. I list a few but there is probs 30 characters u could get such as evil Titans, birdarang, leprechaun titans, more of the justice league ( and Aqua man isn’t enough) anyways I’m probably one of the best players in the world at this and I’m not even joking because only 1000 people play, halve of those people are trash and half of those people just got the app and never usd it. I’m not joking I’ve gotten merch for CN and donated on there website. U don’t want to lose me or anyone else. Update ur game

Teeny titans

I agree with him

5/5 one of my favorite

Good job if your bored just play this game it’s so amazing/amusing and I can’t wait for teeny titans 2 go figure aaaaaah keep up the good work singed a fan of this game/Cartoon Network

Worth every penny

Best game on iOS hands down but just wait until the sequel is out

Please add more

Hey developers, Teeny Titans is an amazing game that has so much customization available, and the game is certainly (at least for me) more exciting than any other game. I feel like you need to add more to this game such as characters, mods, and overall story to make it lasting in the end I love this game and I’m not even a huge fan of Teen Titans Go but this game is amazing. Thanks for the experience.

Good but UPDATE, don’t remake

Listen this is a fantastic game I just feel that with the SECOND game of this exact thing is coming out why not just update this game instead of making an entirely new game, I don’t understand why you would make a second game that is the exact thing as the first but with more features.

Can you help me?

I cannot beat people I have already beaten . This game is fun sometimes but not all.


This game is so fun i play it every day P.S. THERE IS A SECOND TEENY TITANS COMING OUT! MORE FIGS!!!

Super great just needs one improvement

I really want to battle with my freinds this game please add that if you do this would be my expresion:😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 id be soooooooooooooo happy that id play this so much!!!!! And this would go on the first place on my game list.

Hands down best cartoon game ever!!!

Pleaseeeeee add multiplayer to the new one so we can play!!! at least local player!!!

Best game ever.needs a update

This game is so fun I will play it every time I just starter the game today They are just the best people in the game Keep on the good work Make a update

It has been fun

They jus announced the sequel to this so I guess it is time to call it as a dead app

Love it but one things missing

So I love this game except why do have to be robin I mean why not be able to costamize your character with costumes from the figures you have and skin color gender eye color and hair style and hair color that’s all I want and to choose your first figure that’s all I want in the next update

Opinion of the game


Can’t wait for new game

New game coming out this summer correct me if I’m wrong but it is coming out this summer and it’s called teen titans go figure it is going to have a lot of new figs look it up on the internet and try out some trailers for the game😺

Fun game no adverts bugs fixed and more figs and another update please

Best game ever

I can’t add a different chip to Beast Boy

Why can’t I put in a chip that doesn’t reset a charge? My Beast Boy can turn into a gorilla and charge for some reason it says I can’t put it in plz fix that!!!

Freaking Fun!

This game is fantastic I hope it always stays on the store, my son got me into the the newer titans but even if you are just a fan of the original show this is still a great game! If you love a fun time with a little bit of rpg elements like final fantasy’s action time battles then this is for you. Plus if you have kids it’s easy for them to pick up if you need to keep them busy for a quick minute lol ;)

Awesome game but...

Great game but plz add a update to add more figs and easier way to get super man plz plz plz and one more thing charters like the wonder twins Batman wonder women the flash can u add spider man iron man black Panther I know that it has nothing to do the tv show teen titans go but plz add spider man iron man and black Panther I would just love that a lot bye

I LOVED this game....

I love the Teen Titans... I love the show... so when I saw this game I immediately bought it. I was sad to see that there wasn’t much to do. The story’s short and I beat it quickly. I wish the developers would add more “figs” and more to the story! There’s nothing to do once you have every character and have them all maxed out to the maximum and have beaten the story. It’s sad. The developers need to get back on board and keep it going! The app is pretty sad. 5 bucks for this game is not worth it. Don’t buy until they release a update worth $4.99. Wouldn’t recommend yet ( that is if they update).

It cheats....a lot

When I got to the aqua tournament aqua lad was LITERALLY one hitting every single one of my characters

Update teen titans go

You need to do the summer update sooner I’ve been playing for a little more than a year and I’ve finished the game like 100 times the summer update needs to happen sooner great game but needs the summer update.

Character Ideas

They should add “The Jeff” (Starfire), and maybe the prism personality versions of some characters.

Good app 👍🏼

As a teen titans go watcher myself I think this is a very fun game. I like to battle other people and buy figures. I think all titans watcher will love this app, they should get it to have more fun on there device! 👍🏼😀😊


When is the new one coming out July or this month


Look, I love the game, but it really really needs an update.

I Mean,I Have ALL 77 FIGURES!

Earlier Today I Unlocked Bizzaro,I Have ALL OF THEM!!!!! 😱

Must have game but needs updated!!!!!!

I love this game. First two weeks I played it all the time. Unlocked everything except for last character which I think you have to be ranked 50 to get, so halfway there. The customization is great it gives you that Teen Titans feel. Would love to see more content added. Waiting for the next update. Especially since I paid for the game. Please add more content and characters. Maybe some pvp with friends?

Can not get mr chibi

It is a good game but I beat the hood hood man and mr chi I never spawned so I can not get all the figs this is why I rated it 3 stars

Suicide squad

Make suicide squad charters (2016)

LOVE IT!!!!❤️💚👏

it was definitely worth the money.everything I was expecting.this game could not be better.thank you for making such a great game.love it.

Love it!

Brilliant! My favorite TV show, smashed into the form of a game!


I at first loved this game and I still do...but the fact that they give The Hooded Hood 125 health just seems outrageous to me. You really would only be able to beat him if the bar speed was faster and you repeated Cyborg’s charge-up and shoot over and over and over again. Now, I know it’s not impossible to beat him but I just think it’s stupid to give him that much health.

I love it but

I loved this game but i wanted to restart cause I deleted the game for a restart but it was the same and I tried lots of things so if the developer responds I’ll be a happy camper


Can we change the tiatan that’s walking around? 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Teeny titans

I rated 5 stars but there’s no update for the justice league

Best game ever!!!!

It just kills me to stop playing. It is so awesome!!!

Love It! ♥️

I love this game! It’s addictive, but in a good way 😋. It’s got it all! Humor, strategy, etc. Worth the money!!,

Pls update

Update for new figs pls I need more of a reason to play than just to level up figs.

Best Game ever 😍😍😍😍

This game is so much fun it is worth your 💵 and I just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game

No Updates? Hard To Figure.

It’s hard to figure; the current #1 PAID role playing game in the App Store and it’s not actively updated. They already have the framework for an app that people obviously enjoy. How much more revenue could they generate if they added content regularly? With history being a good indicator of the future, I’d guess that the developer moves on to another app, new framework and all, instead of additional content for an already established app. Logic dictates that this must make sense and that they know what they’re doing. Right?

Love this game but needs work

This is one of my favorite mobile games, and I play it all the time. I’m currently working on getting every guy and upgrading them all to level twenty. Anyways, I think that you should add more guys, more story, more places, more quests, etc. If you look at other reviews, there are so many ideas for new things you could add in. Also, I think it would be really cool if you added a multiplayer mode, where you could play with a teammate. To add to that, I’ve always wanted to play my friends (and wreck them) in this game. Some type of multiplayer thing would be cool is what I’m tryin to say. Anyways, thank you for making this game, and Cartoon Network is my favorite tv channel. Worth the $4.00.

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